Raspberry Pi 3(Model B)

After many failed attempts of using various guides on creating a wireless access point using the RPi3 and the on-board Wifi I decided to either use:
1. A script
2. Manually

I encountered many issues I think it is because I had previously used the Micro SD card in another RPi this changed the network interface from enx.... instead of eth0. To overcome this I formatted the Micro SD card in windows this is using Diskpart in the command prompt. Using Etcher I wrote Raspbian onto SD. To correct the issue of the

Following a script

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -t jessie curl wget raspi-config -yqq --force-yes

In order to install the wireless AP you would first need to remove the original RPi main menu
sudo rm -rf /root/main-menu sudo rm -rf /home/pi/main.menu sudo rm -rf /etc/main_menu.sh sudo rm -rf ln /etc/main_menu.sh /root/main-menu sudo rm -rf ln /etc/main_menu.sh /home/pi/main-menu

Manually you can